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Hora Island - Private Island for Sale in Estonia

One of Estonia’s 1,500 islands is currently listed on Private Islands Online, the world’s largest database for private island purchase. 

Postimees reported the story last week which gave details on the island that is for sale for $999,000 (€921,000).

It is called Hora Island or Horalaid. It is located off the coast of Hiiumaa and is 24 hectares or 60 acres in size.

The Island contains an old farmhouse which is in ruins and is described as a rare private and closed island. It also has a well, providing drinking water.

It is on a common route for migrating birds and the sea surrounding the island provides plenty of fish.

Another island was recently sold in Estonia for $1,200,000 (€1,105,000). The 5 hectare island, near Haapsalu was also listed on the Private Islands Online database.

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