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Estonia’s Lux Express to Open Routes in Russia

Estonian bus operator Lux Express is set to begin operating regular domestic services in Russia.

This Summer will see the beginning of Saint Petersburg to Moscow and Saint Petersburg to Pskov routes, according to Postimees.

According to Lux Express CEO Hannes Sarapuu, the Saint Petersburg-Moscow route will be an overnight bus running once daily in either direction, while the Saint Petersburg-Pskov route would be served by several departures daily.

‘We have the line permits,’ the CEO noted, adding that a few technicalities still remain unresolved. ‘We are now working on getting things going with the summer in mind,’ Sarapuu added.

The company would run the two routes via its Russian subsidiary.

Sarapuu also said that he would not be continuing as CEO of Lux Express beyond 1st September this year.

He said, ‘I have managed a very rapidly changing and growing business in a dynamic and highly competitive environment for more than ten years now,’ added that he now he needed time to rest.

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