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Ukraine to Buy all Gas from EU if Gazprom Deal Fails

Whilst Ukraine’s national gas company Naftogaz, continues to negotiate with Russia’s Gazprom, it has emerged that Ukraine will be able to fill its much needed winter gas supply from the European Union. 

Naftogaz CEO, Andriy Kobolev stated in a press conference that Gazprom have yet to sign an agreement, meaning Ukraine’s winter gas supplies remain in doubt.

In previous years, Ukraine has relied on supplies from Slovakia, Poland and other EU neighbours for gas security in a controversial re-exporting of supplies, seomthing which Russia have complained about.

Pricing disputes between Gazprom and Naftogaz are common place with Ukraine’s primary bargaining chip being its position as the primary transport route of gas to Europe.

Efforts have been made to reduce this by Russia, with pipelines running through Belarus and under the Baltic Sea to Germany, the latter of which is set to be doubled. Nord Stream 2 is a second pipeline to Germany and opposition has been expressed from the EU and the US.

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