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Croatian Property Prices Continue to Fall

A Croatian real estate website has shown that property prices in the country have fallen in February both month on month and year on year. 

House prices in Croatia fell by 0.9% in February compared to the previous month. The city of Sisak in the centre of the country saw prices fall by as much as 7% according to the website. In the capital Zagreb, prices fell by 2.7% month on month. Annually, prices in Zagreb fell by 1.5%.

One of the largest increases in property prices was seen in the popular tourist city of Dubrovnik. Annually, property prices rose by 6.7% with a month on month increase of 1.4%.

Analysts predict that prices in Croatia’s property market are expected to stabilise by the end of the year. Coastal towns such as Dubrovnik and Pula are expected to lead the market. In these markets, tourism is significant to the local economies and visitor numbers and revenues are at record levels.

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