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Croatia Refuses to Support Serbia EU Application

Serbia has displayed shock at Croatia’s decision to block the opening of negotiations for their European Union membership. 

A statement released by the Serbian government stated, “The Government of the Republic of Serbia is stunned with Croatia’s decision not to support Serbia’s European path. The Republic of Croatia did not have a single valid reason for such a decision. Serbia has taken a note of the attitude of the Republic of Croatia’s stance and Serbia will not allow it to be blackmailed by anyone in Europe, including the Republic of Croatia, or to be humiliated.”

Croatia would not offer its consent for the opening of Chapter 23 of negotiations between the European Union and Serbia. It now cannot be opened until the green light is given from Zagreb, said the head of the negotiating team, Tanja Miscevic.

She added that nothing more can be done at this time.

Croatia are the European Union’s newest entrant, joining in 2013.

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