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Croatia Will Not Block Serbia to EU Says Minister

Serbia’s Minister for European Union Integration, Jadranka Joksimovic says she does not expect Croatia to block the country’s path to membership. 

She said that Serbia has met all the criteria and is implementing essential reforms, including that of the judicial system. She added that Serbia is fighting corruption and organised crime and its record on minority rights is improving.

Speaking to reporters recently, she said Croatia’s consent to Serbia’s entry to the European Union will be confirmed ‘in the spirit of good regional relations.’

The European Council gave membership candidate status to Serbia on 1st March 2012, and the first talks were held between the EU and Serbia at the beginning of 2014.

Whilst normalising relations with Kosovo has been seen as a crucial part of Chapter 35 of the path to membership, experts believe that Chapters 23 and 24 on judiciary rights and freedom and security, will be most difficult for Serbia to close.

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