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Brexit: Leave Vote Puts Britain and Europe into Chaos

A surprise result in the Brexit referendum has thrown the political situation and future of the EU and the UK into doubt, with major global implications. 

Of the 72% turnout, 52% voted to leave with 48% voting to remain, contrary to bookmakers odds and market sentiment up to voting day on Thursday.

As the results came in on Friday morning, Asian trading gave an indication as to how markets in Europe would react with FTSE futures plummeting, and the value of sterling falling.

As the leave campaign were celebrating victory, David Cameron announced his intention to step down before October. Cameron’s exit leaves the path open to former London mayor, Boris Johnson to take over.

By Sunday morning, the country’s opposition Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn, had seen his shadow cabinet begin to fall apart with 11 departures.

European leaders will be meeting this week to discuss the fallout from the referendum.

The UK must trigger article 50 from the Lisbon Treaty, beginning the path for two year negotiations to exit the European Union.

Between 800,000 and 1,000,000 Polish people live in the United Kingdom. The referendum leaves their future in doubt. In addition, eastern countries receive extensive structural funding from the European Union.

With one of the major economies leaving, this funding will no doubt be affected. The zloty’s fall in value to the euro reflected this concern on Friday.

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