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EU Sanctions Lifted on Belarus

The European Union has lifted sanctions imposed on the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko and many of the country’s administration officials. 

The EU Council released a statement on Monday, where they noted the country’s role in negotiations between Russia, Ukraine and the European Union. Lukashenko was also vocal in his opposition to Russia’s annexation of Crimea two years ago.

The country’s capital Minsk, has been hosting talks between the three parties.

Along with Lukashenko, 169 Belarussians had sanctions imposed on them that included asset freezes and visa bans. Some of them have had the sanctions imposed for more than a decade.

The European Union also pointed to the releasing of political prisoners last year as a reason for the sanction lift.

Finally, they noted that whilst Lukashenko comfortably won the presidential election last year, there were improvements in democracy in the country.

In response, the president said, “The EU did good, they understood that it’s high time to move away from this blocking mindset and confrontation with Belarus.”

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