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Very Low Turnout for Multi Issue Polish referendum

Early reports from the Polish referendum on Sunday show that only 7.48% of the country voted.

The referendum was called by former President, Bronislaw Komorowski near the end of his tenure and asks three questions.

Firstly, voters were asked whether they approved the introduction of single member constituencies for the lower house, the Sejm.

Secondly, they were asked whether funding for parties could come from the state. Finally, voters were asked if a presumption in favour of the taxpayer could be introduced in disputes over tax law.

Voters gave a resounding yes to all except the second question, where only 16% wish the state to offer funding to political parties.

According to statistics from the Polish diaspora in the USA, only 656 votes were cast, compared to 23,000 in the second round of the recent presidential election.

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