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Polish Apples US Bound

The Polish Minister for Agriculture, Marek Sawicki is hoping to open up the market of Polish apples and other goods to the US market. 

Talks have been ongoing between the US Department of Agriculture and the Minister, and following recent meetings in Washington reports suggest a deal looks likely.

Polish apples in particular were exported in huge numbers to Russia prior to the trade embargo last year, when Russia cut off the importation of European agricultural produce. Prior to the embargo, 40% of Polish apple production was exported to Russia with prices now a fraction of what they were.

With Russia showing little indication of lifting the embargo, farmers whose industries have been effectively destroyed pushed the Polish government to take action, with many of them marching in Warsaw.

New Markets


The Minister stated that he expected Polish apples could be entering the US market in 2016. He said Washington promised to speed up the procedure to authorise the sale of a variety of European fruit in the US market.

The Minister also stated that Polish chickens could be exported to the US market this year, giving a boost for the poultry industry.

The government is also lobbying Asian and South American markets with deals expected to be made throughout the year.

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