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Poland’s Radom Airport to Lose All Passenger Flights

Radom Airport near Warsaw is set to lose all of its commercial flights, leading to speculation that it may have to shut down entirely. 

Czech Airlines have this week announced that it will discontinue its Prague flight from 18th November. Currently offering three flights to the Czech capital, the route had been launched in the summer and had only been running since September.

In addition, Air Baltic has only today cancelled its connection to Riga, which also only began in September. The collapse of Estonian Air last weekend has led to a surge in orders for Air Baltic tickets in Estonia. As a result, Air Baltic are looking to rapidly expand their presence in their Baltic neighbour.

A spokesman for Radom airport, which is 60 km from Warsaw said, “The reason for this decision is the small number of passengers going from Radom to the capital of Latvia and back.” Kajetan Orzel added that the airport will soon try to launch new routes.

Radom airport was given a civilian licence in 2014 and received a 120 million zloty (€28 million) makeover as a result.

This weeks news will come as a major blow to the airport, which is competing with Warsaw’s second airport, Modlin.

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