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Ewa Kopacz Officially Stands Down

Poland’s defeated Prime Minister, Ewa Kopacz yesterday officially stood down following last month’s general election defeat. 

Her party, Civic Platform was defeated by Law & Justice, who won an overall majority in Poland’s parliament three weeks ago.

Poland’s President and Law & Justice’s, Andrzej Duda, who also took power from Civic Platform’s Bronislaw Komorowski earlier in the year, officially accepted the outgoing Prime Minister standing down.

Kopacz’s closing speech, warned against Law & Justice’s planned approach. She said if Law & Justice tried to destroy the foundations of the state, “we will do everything to stop you.”

She added, “Even if you outvote us, you will not succeed in quietly destroying democracy. Every Pole will hear about it, as that is the role of the opposition.”

Kopacz did offer some support, by wishing the new government success.

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