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Vietnam to Import Polish Apples

Following an agreement signed last Friday, Vietnam is to begin the import of apples from Poland. 

Poland’s agricultural minister, Marek Sawicki announced that the two countries had signed the agreement, and he hopes that 100,000 tons of apples will be sent to the South-Asian country every year.

Poland has been desperately trying to seek out new markets for many products since Russia launched counter sanctions on Western agricultural products at the beginning of August last year. The apple industry was among the hardest hit in Poland. The sanctions are due to be lifted in August of next year.

Vietnam is the latest destination of new export countries that include; India, Bangladesh and Singapore.

Poland exported over 1,000,000 tons of apples in 2014, nearly half of which went to Russia alone. The news that Vietnam will now begin to take some of the excess supply will come as welcome news to the country’s apple producers.

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