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Record Polish Food Exports Expected in 2016

Despite Russian sanctions on European food products that disproportionately hit Central and Eastern European countries, Polish food exports are set to hit new records in 2016. 

According to estimations from Bank Zachodni, the Polish arm of Spannish Bank Santander, Polish food exports will grow between 2-6% next year, to up to €25 billion.

Food exports in 2014 were €21.9 and will increase by up 6.5% this year, according to the estimates.

Following the introduction of sanctions by Russia in August of last year, the Polish government has been putting huge efforts in the seeking out of other markets around the world, with clear signs of some success.

Food sales to Russia dropped 30% in 2014 compared to the previous year. This decline has been offset by increases in food exports to France by 23%, Belgium by 19% and 8% to Italy. In addition, apples are being exported from Poland to Kazakhstan for the first time thanks to government delegations pushing Polish produce there.

Russian sanctions on European products are due to be lifted in August of 2016 after two years.

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