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Top 5 Countries for Internet Quality, CEE

Many factors go into deciding where exactly to invest or start a business in a particular region. One of these is the quality of broadband provided. Whether its speed to make conference calls or simply reliability, quality of internet is a huge and ever growing factor in the decision making process.

Akamai is a cloud services provider based in Massachusetts that also produce a quarterly ‘State of the Internet’ report. It details and compares internet connectivity speeds and reliability all over the world.

The report for Q2 2014, specifically compares a variety of factors such as average and peak connection speeds, but also the percentage of time the connection produces more than 4, 10 and 15 megabytes per second (mbps).

New Europe Investor looks at the five best countries in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) for internet speed reliability. More specifically, the percentage of time the internet maintains more than 4 mbps.

1st Romania


Global Position - 6th
91% above 4 mbps
Year on Year Improvement - 14%

2nd Czech Republic


Global Position – 16th
85% above 4 mbps
Year on Year Improvement - 2.1%

3rd Russia


Global Position – 25th
79% above 4 mbps
Year on Year Improvement - 12%

4th Hungary


Global Position – 27th
78% above 4 mbps
Year on Year Improvement - 5.8%

5th Poland


Global Position – 32nd
75% above 4 mbps
Year on Year Improvement - 14%

Romania ahead of Asian giants

Romania, Latvia and Czech Republic all make the global top ten for average connection speed. Romania, whose connectivity is improving extremely rapidly had a peak connection speed of 63 mbps, coming ahead of Japan and Taiwan.

The full Akamai report can be viewed in the link below:

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