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Poland’s Minimum Wage to Rise in the New Year

Poland’s minimum wage is to rise by 100 zloty (€24) per month on 1st January 2016 according to the Ministry of Labour.

From next year, the minimum wage in the country will be 1850 zloty (€440). Currently the gross minimum wage is 1750 zloty (€416).

Trade unions in Poland have boycotted negotiations on the matter since 2013, and did not take part in the Trilateral Commission to decide on it back in July.

Election Promises


The ruling Party’s Prime Minister, Eva Kopacz promised the nation that there would be further increases should the country elect her party to another term in power in October.

Civic Platform have increased Poland’s minimum wage significantly since it came into power. In 2007, it stood at 1,148 (€273) and they have increased it many times in their two terms in power. However, this also reflects the country’s increased economic prosperity in the time period.

Civic Platform can take credit however, for the fact that the minimum wage now represents 44% of the country’s average wage. When they came to power in 2007, the figure was 35%.

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