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Poland Unemployment Falling Slowly

September marked the first time since 2009 that Poland unemployment figures fell to single digits. 

The rate fell just under 10% to 9.9% for the first time in six years with the National Bank of Poland saying the improvement is set to continue into the future.

Joanna Tyrowicz, an analyst at the bank said there would be no dramatic falls in the rate of unemployment, but salaries will likely increase for those in work.

She suggested that there is a problem in Poland compared to the west, where many vacancies are not put to employment agencies. This can lead to stretches in unemployment being extremely long for job seekers.

Only 13% of jobs in Poland are advertised with agencies and many jobs are only available through friend’s networks and public advertisements. Tyrowicz says that this makes matching the right candidate to a position more difficult than the common practice in the west.

Poland’s seasonal swing in the labour market will likely lead to a short term hike in the figures through the winter. However, the general trend has been downward over the last number of years.

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