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Romania’s New Prime Minister, Dacian Ciolos

Following the club fire in Bucharest that killed 54 people and left many others with serious injuries, President Klaus Iohannis has nominated Dacian Ciolos as the new Prime Minister to replace Viktor Ponta, who resigned under public pressure last week. 

It is hoped Ciolos will calm the political unrest in the country where many have expressed extreme anger, displayed even before the accident on the 30th October. Viktor Ponta was already being investigated on fraud charges.

Dacian Coilos has served as Romania’s Agriculture Minister, and more recently he was the Agriculture Commissioner in the European Commission.

At a news conference, the President said, “With very few exceptions, the political parties have agreed with this idea, and I am convinced that it is the correct path for the next year until the parliamentary elections when we will have a new Parliament, a new government.”

Some called for a snap election in Romania including the opposition, National Liberal Party.

Speaking of Ciolos, President Iohannis said, “there is need of an independent or technocrat prime minister, a clean person, who should not have been involved in any row, an upright person, who has proved in practice that he knows how to manage systems and complicated situations.”

Cialos has 10 days to nominate his 10 ministers and request a vote of confidence from Parliament.

Elections in Romania are due to be held in December next year.

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