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Russian Airline Pobeda to Offer 15 Euro Flights to Europe

Russian low cost carrier, Pobeda will soon begin to sell tickets to destinations to Europe for as little as €15.

Last month, the airline was given permission to fly international routes by the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsia). It has today announced routes to Minsk, Cologne, Bratislava and Dresden starting from as little as 999 rubles (€15).

Pobeda was set up by Russia’s national carrier Aeroflot, when western sanctions forced the halting of international flights by their previous low cost carrier, Dobrolyot.

Dobrolyot was placed on a list of airlines no longer allowed to fly within the European Union and shut down as a result.

Pobeda has said it estimates traffic to be as high as 3 million before the end of next year. This would place the airline within the top ten of the country’s largest airlines by passenger numbers.

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