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Top 5 Economies for Growth Performance, CEE

The majority of Western European Union economies (with the exception of a few), are experiencing stagnation or even recession. The situation is causing such alarm in Washington that US Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew recently made calls for Europe to avoid ‘a lost decade of growth’

However, growth figures from Eastern Accession countries of 2004 and 2007 appear very strong. Notable is Romania’s impressive 1.9% Q3 growth figure and Poland’s, which came out at 0.9%. Both countries, at the time of writing are going through presidential and local elections respectively.

Average growth for European Union 28 Members States was 0.3% for Q3 with an annualised rate of 1.3%.

New Europe Investor has compiled the top five economies of the Accession States, based on annualised third quarter 2014 statistics. They were released by Eurostat on 13th November 2014.

1st Poland

Q3 growth – 0.9%
Annualised Growth – 3.4%


2nd Romania

Q3 growth – 1.9%
Annualised growth – 3.3%


3rd Hungary

Q3 growth – 0.5%
Annualised growth – 3.1%


4th Lithuania

Q3 growth – 0.5%
Annualised growth – 2.6%


5th Slovakia

Q3 growth – 0.6%
Annualised growth – 2.5%

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