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Germany And China Battling for Russia’s High Speed Railway Contract

Russian Railways have said they prefer the Chinese offer to built the Moscow to Kazan high speed railway line, over the German one. 

According to the TASS news network, Russian Railways (RZD) is not satisfied with the terms of cooperation suggested by the German Consortium bidding for the project.

They stated, “We are analysing the proposals, but their equipment supply funding offers do not satisfy us.” They added that the Chinese have the same equipment, but with more competitive pricing attached.

Reports suggest that there is still a possibility that both Germans and Chinese will receive portions of the project, with the German Consortium led by Siemens supplying signalling, traffic control and power supply systems.

Russia’s High Speed Railway between Moscow and Kazan is set to cost over one trillion rubles (€14.5 billion). With trains running as fast as 400 km per hour, the journey time for the 770 km route would be reduced from 13 hours, to as little as 3.5.

It is due to be completed in 2018.

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