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Amazon Looking to Expand in Poland

Amazon, who already employ 4,500 people in Poland across three logistics centres, are planning further expansion in the country. 

According to reports, the company is looking to expand the logistics network in Poland and is looking to offer 1,500 stable job contracts.

Since entering the Polish market 18 months ago, Amazon has invested over 2 billion zloty (€460 million) in the country. The move has been hugely successful with reports suggesting the company has already exceeded its three year employment plans.

Before Christmas it was revealed that Amazon had been trialling its own air freight business in Europe between Germany, Poland and the UK.

The company had been flying a Boeing 737 five times a week between airports in the three countries in an attempt to cut out carriers such as UPS, DHL and Fedex. These companies have traditionally carried the bulk of its international freight.

Colin Sebastian, an analyst at Robert W Baird said, “Amazon is pretty fed up with the third-party carriers being a bottleneck to their growth.”

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