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Elering Chief Says Estonia no Longer Dependent on Russian Gas

Elering CEO, Taavi Veskimagi has said that Estonia is no longer dependent on gas from Russia and should therefore embrace the environmentally friendly fuel. 

Veskimagi said that dependence on Russian gas was once considered a security threat to Estonia, but it is no longer the case due to the creation of a common gas market between Finland and the Baltics.

Last summer, Elering purchased Gazprom’s 37% stake in the Estonian gas market, having only previously operated Estonia’s power grid.

Whilst the Balticconnector pipeline between Finland and Estonia will offer an alternative supply to Estonia, it is likely to increase the price of gas due to the covering of the construction cost.

However, as the European Union is picking up 75% of the cost of the pipeline, a large portion will not have to be absorbed by Estonian consumers.

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