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Four Consortia Bidding for Bratislava Bypass

A spokesman for the Ministry of Transport said that the government are considering the bids of four different consortia for the Bratislava bypass project. 

The Transport Ministry has said that having four in the running will mean the state will be able to generate a competitive price for the bypass.

Part of the motorway will include the longest bridge ever built in Slovakia over the Danube.

When it has been evaluated that all the bids can meet the minimum technical criteria with the required quality specifications, the winning bidder will be chosen, according to the ministry.

The 59 km bypass is expected to cost €1.3 billion with the winning bidder to be chosen before Christmas.

The public-private partnership status of the project has generated some negative publicity in the country due to the cost involved. Whilst the project will cost in the region of €1.3 billion, the state will pay an annual instalment of €135 million leading to a final cost of €4.53 billion.

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