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Fico Given Permission to Form Government

Slovakian President, Andrej Kiska has given permission to current Prime Minister, Robert Fico to form a new government following the country’s recent general elections.

Fico and his centre left Smer party lost their parliamentary majority in the polls and now have only 49 of 150 seats. The party received 28.3% of the vote but maintain their position as Slovakia’s largest party.

The Smer party lost support in recent time over healthcare and education protests in the country, undoing popularity brought from hikes in the minimum wage and a cut in VAT.

Fico will need to form a coalition with at least two parties including some with vastly different political ideas on the centre right and far right. For a coalition to work, deep divides will have to be overcome.

Slovakia’s EU presidency begins in July, pushing the need for a stable government to be formed.

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