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Boost for Muuga LNG in Estonia

In a cost benefit analysis carried out by a European Commission working group, the Muuga LNG plant has received the highest score, giving the project a huge push in proceeding. 

Similar to Lithuania’s LNG plant at Klaipeda and Poland’s recently opened plant in Swinoujscie, Estonia is also looking to take control of the country’s gas security, by diversifying away from a Russian monopoly.

The plant at Muuga Port, just north of the capital Tallinn, is intended for use for the entire Baltic region, including Finland across the Baltic Sea.

The port has deep water access which means development of significant additional infrastructure will not be required for the terminal facility.

Presently, the first stage of the terminal is expected to be completed in two years, with provision of LNG to Finland through the proposed Balticconnector by 2019.

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