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Klaipeda to Set up LNG School of Excellence

According to reports, Lithuania is preparing to establish a liquid natural gas (LNG) school of excellence in the port city of Klaipeda. 

Klaipeda University and the Lithuanian authorities wish to take advantage of the growing LNG market, especially in the Baltic region and Poland, to train a wide variety of specialists in the industry.

Reports stated that the university want to cooperate with business interests and scientists and as a result, turn the city into a global hub for technological development.

Mantas Bartuška, the Director General of AB Klaipedos Nafta said, “With the LNG terminal operational, our company is developing an inland LNG distribution station project. This means that more engineers, highly competent experts and other specialists in the area of LNG will be needed. Therefore, we are looking for common ground with Klaipeda University and ways to join forces, knowledge and existing experience in founding the LNG centre of excellence.”

The port at Klaipeda was the location of the Baltic’s first LNG terminal. Taking its first delivery of liquid natural gas from Norway’s Statoil last year, the occasion was a source of great national pride, in that it freed the country from the monopoly of imported Russian gas.

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