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Vilnius Metro Can be Funded Say Supporters

Several international investors are reportedly willing to put money into a Vilnius Metro project. 

According to reports in Lithuania, several Chinese companies have expressed interest along with Siemens and Tiltra.

Proposals for three lines of a subway have been made for the Lithuanian capital. However, the political will is not there at present considering the cost attached.

The idea of a Metro in Vilnius has been on the agenda for many years as part of plans to improve the city’s public transport network.

The scattered make up of the neighbourhoods of Vilnius means that need of cars is high. There are concerns that the low population density of 29 people per hectare is increasing the need for cars and making public transport difficult to make economically viable. The city’s population is approximately 550,000.

A poll from Lithuanian newspaper Verslo Zinios, shows that 56% of Lithuanian people support the construction of a metro in the country. 23% of people stated they are against the idea.

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