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Wind Farm in Estonia Planned

A 100 turbine offshore wind farm is being planned off the Estonian coast near Saaremaa, the country’s largest Island. 

The wind farm will be built by Estonian company, Saare Wind Energy, and reports suggest they have sent their building application to the Ministry of Economic Affairs this week.

The wind farm will be between 10 and 27 km off the coast of Saaremaa and will cover an area of approximately 100 square km. The project is set to cost €1.7 billion and will produce power by the beginning of 2022, according to the company.

Estonia is already a significant producer and user of renewable energy, with 17.3% of electricity coming from renewable sources. 43% of this comes from wind energy alone.

A number of other wind farm projects are currently under construction, and Estonia is set to be the largest producer of wind energy in the Baltics in the coming years.

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