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Two Weeks Until Croatian Elections

Croatia is due to hold parliamentary elections on 8th November 2015.

The country’s president, Ivo Josipovic, called the election on the 5th October.

Social Democratic leader and Prime Minister of the country, Zoran Milanovic is currently trailing the country’s second of the two major parties, the conservative HDZ. HDZ is led by Tomislav Karamarko, a former intelligence chief.

One of the more recent polls in Croatia put the difference between the two parties at only 1%, suggesting it is still wide open with over two weeks until voting begins.

Croatia have recently begun to emerge from a recession that lasted six years and knocked 13% off the country’s GDP.

As the newest member of the European Union, all indicators in the country suggest a major turnaround is occurring, which could benefit the ruling party. However, growth in 2015 is only expected to be a modest 1%, and unemployment, whilst falling still remains at 16%.

HDZ have pledged to bring the country to a 5% growth rate by the end of the four year mandate. Many have already said this is an unrealistic target.

The crisis of migrants passing through the country towards Western Europe, and the strain this is having on relations with neighbouring countries such as Hungary, Serbia and Slovenia has injected a new dynamic into the debate.

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