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Taxi Apps Competing in Tallinn

Estonia’s answer to Uber, Taxify, has stated that two thirds of taxis ordered in Tallinn are now ordered through the app.

Taxi companies are beginning to admit that they cannot compete with mobile applications in the city.

In response, two of the city’s largest taxi companies, Tallink Takso and Takso24, have launched their own app called Taxeofon, as an alternative for customers.

The app means commissions normally paid to Taxify from the city’s taxis would now be kept within the taxi companies themselves.

Tonu Uusmaa a board member of Tallink said, “Things have taken an interesting turn. If in the old time clients would usually have a few taxi numbers saved in their phones, then today we find ourselves in a situation where a client can have several apps downloaded to order a taxi.”

Taxi companies are trying to dissuade taxi drivers from using the Taxify app, but as 90% of drivers are self employed, preventing them from doing so is very difficult.

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