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Russia Largest Group of Foreign Business Owners in Czech

In a recent report by Czech consultants Bisnode, it was found that by some distance, Russians make up the largest group of foreign business owners in the country. 

The study found that 22% of Czech businesses are foreign owned, with 78% in domestic hands.

With 16,370, Russians control approximately 3.6% of businesses in Czech Republic, far ahead of Slovakians and Germans who come second and third. They both control around 2.3% each of Czech businesses.

Ukrainians, who are the fourth largest group, control 2.2% of businesses in the Czech Republic.

An analyst from Bisnode pointed out that the number of businesses controlled by Russians has fallen by 9.6% in the last two years.

Share Capital

What the statistics hide, is the level of share capital held by Slovakians and Germans in Czech companies compared to Russians.

Slovakians hold four times that of Russians in terms of share capital with German capital controlling more than 22 times in terms of share capital, despite the lower number of companies controlled by both countries.

Bisnode stated that Russian share capital in Czech companies has fallen by 30% in the last two years.

The data was collected by Bisnode in May of this year.

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