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Croatian Industrial Production Improvement Highest in EU

Seasonally adjusted figures for industrial production in Croatia showed a 2.6% monthly increase in May. 

This was the highest monthly improvement of all EU nations.

The figures, which were released by Eurostat are a marked improvement for Croatia from the previous month, which showed a reduction in industrial production for April of 4.1%.

Europe’s other better performers were Lithuania and Portugal which saw 1.7% and 1% respectively.

Overall, seasonally adjusted figures for EU-28 dropped slightly by 0.3%.

Year on Year


On an annual basis, Malta recorded a 9.5% monthly growth, the highest in the European Union followed by Latvia at 6.5% and Hungary at 6.2%.

Croatia’s growth year on year was 4.4% with the EU showing a 1.2% decline.

Worst Performers


Ireland recorded a shrinking in industrial production for May of 6.9% being the European Union’s worst performer.

The Netherlands and Greece saw a drop of 5.7% and 5.1% respectively.

On an annual basis the Netherlands saw a 7.4% decline with Finland and Ireland seeing a 5.1% and 5% decline respectively.

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