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Formation of New Croatian Government May Take Weeks

With most of the votes counted in the Croatian election, its people still have little idea as to what the formation of the next government will look like. 

Whilst the opposition coalition, led by the conservative HDZ party have definitely won the majority of seats, there is some talk now that the current ruling party may find it easier to form a government. The new ‘Most’ party who came third, hold the balance of power.

Prime Minister, Zoran Milanovic of the ruling SDP party, has tried to reach out to ‘Most’, telling them ‘we need partners’ and ‘we cannot go it alone.’

Whatever the outcome, many believe it will be weeks of negotiation before any agreement will be reached. Indeed, there is already doubt as to the stability of any coalition arrangement. In the meantime, the Croatian constitution states that the president must nominate a temporary prime minister who has the support of the majority of MPs.

Croatia is currently dealing with a migrant crisis, high unemployment and mediocre growth rates. The country only this year emerged from a six year economic recession that erased 12% of the country’s GDP. Its return to growth has largely been down to structural funds coming from Brussels.

The country is the newest entrant to the European Union, joining in 2013.

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