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Early Reversal of Key Law & Justice Policy?

Suggesting there may be a reversal in policy, Poland’s election winners, Law & Justice, have released a document on their website criticising their own proposed financial transaction tax. 

The proposed tax was a key pledge during the election campaign, one which the party won an absolute majority in parliament.

The document released on the party website was written by legal advisor, Filip Seredynski on which he claimed it would be an irrational tax. He said it would hit investors and ultimately lead to a rise in tax evasion and an outflow of money from Poland.

The document concluded to say that there would be no positive outcome of the proposed tax.

It was apparently written in September, just prior to the election and was quickly removed from the site today without any explanation from the party as to why it originally appeared.

Law & Justice’s fiscal proposals constantly receive a lot of criticism, especially within the business community.

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