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Direct Russia Ukraine Flights Cancelled

The bad relations between Russia and Ukraine have taken a new turn, with direct flight between the two countries cancelled. 

The lead up to the cancellation of flights began last month where Ukraine would not allow Russian flights that were going to Crimea primarily, into Ukrainian airspace. This policy was quickly repeated by Russia on Ukrainian flights over Russian airspace.

Despite bad relations between the countries, on average, 100,000 people have flown between the two countries every month this year, with many Ukrainians using it to visit relations in Russia. The journey between the two countries has now been made extremely long and arduous, with lengthy train and bus journeys to airports in Belarus or Moldova considered the most convenient.

Ukraine Airlines spokeswoman, Evgeniya Satskaya, told Reuters, “We expect the ban will stay in place for the duration of the winter season at least.”

Whilst Ukrainian Airlines posted a net profit of €11 million for the first nine months of 2015, Russia’s Aeroflot, who also fly the route, reported a net loss of €50 million for the first half of the year.

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