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Czech Favourite for New General Electric Plant

General Electric are reportedly looking for a new location to produce aircraft engines in Europe with the Czech Republic in the running to be the preferred location. 

The company wants to expand its European operations with a new plant to cost over €350 million and employ up to 1,000 highly technical employees.

CzechInvest were keen not to comment on the matter as was the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade. General Electric however, confirmed that the country is a ‘strong candidate’ and the terms are currently ‘being negotiated with Czech representatives’.

General Electric already employ 430 people at a plant in Prague, producing 100 turboprop engines for the next generation of propeller planes.

The company has said it wants to begin to move some of the development over to Europe. Presently all of this is carried out in the United States exclusively, but the Commercial Director of General Electric Czech Aviation, Zdenek Soukal said the aim is to create European centres of excellence.

General Electric will choose the location within the next six months.

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