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Records Set in the Czech Car Industry

Last year saw records in the Czech car industry, with new sales rising a staggering 20% to 230,857. 

Skoda car sales increased 27% to 73,927, representing 31% of total sales in the country. Nearly a third of the these sales were the Skoda Octavia. Volkswagen had the second highest sales in Czech Republic, increasing 30% to 23,754. Third came Hyundai who sold 19,688 representing a 4% increase in sales.

Estimates of used car sales came in at 700,000, with 184,660 being imported, according to the Czech Car Importers Association.

The car manufacturing industry also saw a record in Czech Republic last year. Auto makers produced 1.3 million cars compared to 1.25 million in 2014. Skoda produced by far the largest proportion of these with 691,620 units.

The largest increase in production came from TPCA Kolin, who produce Citroen, Toyota and Peugeot. Production came in at 204,279 units, an increase of 9.7% on the previous year.

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