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Russian Airliner’s Unique Move to Avoid Ukraine Flight Ban

Russian airline S7, has found an unusual way to bypass the Ukrainian flight ban to Russian airlines over the country’s airspace. 

It is being reported that the airline is considering buying a Bulgarian carrier with a view to using the ownership to fly into Ukrainian airspace.

There are a number of Bulgarian carriers on the market according to Natalya Filyova of S7, who was speaking to the TASS news agency.

Folyova told TASS that the airline does not know when the Russian and Ukrainian government will begin to cooperate. The need to cross over Ukrainian airspace is paramount to many Russian airliners. Six months ago, Ukrainian and Russia air communication was ceased and has yet to re-emerge.

Flight times for Russian airlines to Europe have increased as a result as they have had to circumvent Ukrainian airspace.

S7 was founded in 1992. Last year it made an offer for bankrupt Russian airline Transaero, but it was subsequently rejected.

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