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Romanians Most in Favour to Remain in EU

Out of 14 European countries polled, Romania have topped the list of percentage of people who wish to to remain in the European Union at 85%. 

Bulgaria came second on the list with 80% and Ireland came third with 78%. The poll was carried out by Orb International at the end of 2015.

It also asked a number of questions regarding a wish to leave the European Union. According to the survey, Britain topped the poll with 54%, Italians came second with 42%, and 41% of Dutch people showed a preference to leave the European Union.

Regarding the euro, there is a lot less enthusiasm from Bulgaria and Romania. 26% of Romanian citizens would prefer the euro over their own currency, falling to only 9% of Bulgarians.

In the survey, many CEE countries have been omitted including Poland and the three Baltic states.

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