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Romanian Media to Expand in Moldova

The Romanian government is to promote European Union values and the Romanian language in Moldova by increasing its media presence in the neighbouring country. 

It is understood the aim of the move is to counteract Russian influence, which is particularly heavy in certain parts of the country.

The government has set up the Romania-Moldova media consultative board to create a joint media space in the two countries. It will facilitate cooperation between media companies in Romanian and Moldova.

Dan Stoenescu, the Minister for Romanian Expatriates said, “the board will contribute not only to the presence of news in Romanian in Moldova, but, more importantly, of news that portrays the reality of Romania and the European Union in a way that is not distorted by anti-European powers.”

Whilst 80% of the population of Moldova speak Romanian, there is only one private Romanian television station in the country.

Moldova was part of Romania between 1918 to 1940 before it was annexed by the Soviet Union. It became an independent country in 1991. The country signed an association agreement with the European Union in June 2014, much to the anger to the Kremlin and pro-Russian parties in Moldova.

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