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Jaresko in Talks to Become Ukraine Prime Minister

Reports in Ukraine suggest that President Petro Poroshenko is in talks with the country’s Finance Minister, Natalie Jaresko with a view to her becoming Prime Minister. 

US born, Jaresko has put together a list of demands to be met before she would accept the post, according to the reports in Ukrainska Pravda.

The speculation has led to bond yields in the country lowering showing confidence in Jarersko’s ability to bring needed economic reforms. Natalie Jaresko’s tenure as Finance Minister is credited with most of the country’s successful reforms since she took the post in late 2014.

Arseniy Yatsenuk, Ukraine’s current Prime Minister, survived a no-confidence vote recently and another vote cannot be put to law makers for another six months.

However, there have been calls for him to step down due to allegations of corruption.

Whilst Jaresko is popular, some doubt her ability to influence in the country given she lacks political experience. Her previous roll was as an investment banker, but has also held positions at the US Department of State among other government departments in Washington.

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