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Belarus Waiting For Cheaper Gas Decision

Belarus is awaiting a decision by the Russian energy giant Gazprom on a cheaper rate it pays for gas. 

Andrey Kruglov who is Deputy Chair of the Management Committee at Gazprom, said that no decision has been made on the matter.

He added that consultations are ongoing and all previous pricing arrangements therefore remain.

The economy of Belarus is heavily tied to Russia and has therefore suffered enormously in recent years with high inflation and a falling currency. With the country experiencing a heavy recession, it requested that its close ally lower the price it pays for imported gas.

According to reports, Belarus currently pays $142 per 1,000 cubic metres of gas. This is significantly lower than all European Union members pay, with many deals up to four times this figure.

Deputy Energy Minister of Belarus Vadim Zakrevski, told reporters earlier in the year that they expect a $10 reduction from a revised pricing formula.

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