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Serbian President Calls Election

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic has dissolved the country’s parliament and called an election for 24th April. 

Serbia’s Progressive Party (SNS), has an overall majority in parliament and it is understood that Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic is looking to expand this majority. It is only two years since Serbia’s previous general election.

Vucic submitted a formal request on 3rd March to President Nikolic. The President announced the election in a statement broadcast live on the state run television station RTS.

It will coincide with Serbia’s local elections and regional elections in the country’s autonomous province, Vojvodina.

Serbia is looking for admission to the European Union by 2020 at the latest. It will become a hot topic during the debates, where many jobs may be lost in the country in order to meet required economic reforms.

The immigration issue will be key in the debates where Serbia has been one of the key transition nations for migrants on their way to northern Europe.

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