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Polish Online Shop Tax Reports Emerging

Reports in Poland suggest that the Law & Justice party is set to introduce a tax for online retailers in the country. 

Similar to the tax on large retailers over 250 square metres to be enforced in March, this tax affect approximately 20,000 online retailers in Poland.

With online trade expected to increase by 20% in 2016 to 45 billion zlotys (€10.3 billion), there is deep concern from in the retail trade of the effect it will have on small shops.

Law & Justice’s tax on large retailers was aimed at small business owners in Poland who are increasingly being swallowed up by many large foreign owned retailers.

However, representatives of online retailers have expressed their anger at the proposed tax, with one saying they will naturally have to increase prices, reducing their competitiveness.

There are no further details on the tax at present, nor regarding any possible levels it may be set at.

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