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Opposition Ahead in Croatian Elections

Early indications in the Croatian elections suggest the conservative HDZ party will win 60 seats, in the country’s first election since joining the European Union in 2013. 

The ruling alliance led by the Social Democrats look to have won 50 seats, with the balance of power likely to be held by an alliance of independent candidates.

3.8 million people were eligible to vote for 151 members of parliament.

The major issue of the election became the migration crisis with each party offering entirely different solutions.

Whilst the current government has given most migrants a passage through the country as they make their way to Western Europe, the opposition HDZ leader, Tomislav Karamarko has spoken of using troops and fences to reduce the numbers, similar to Hungary. 320,000 migrants have passed through the country so far this year, with the cost of managing it estimated at over €250,000 a day.

Other issues in the country include the economy and unemployment. The country has only this year come out of a six year recession with the unemployment level only better than that of Greece and Spain within the EU.

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