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Crimea Without Electricity After Pylons Destroyed

Pylons carrying power to Crimea were blown up on Saturday night, plunging the entire region into darkness. 

Two million inhabitants were left without power following explosions at four pylons in Ukraine, believed to have been carried out by Ukrainian nationalists.

Despite Russia annexing Crimea last year, Ukraine has continued to supply power to the area.

Generators were used to partially connect Simferopol, Yalta and Saky with hospitals being relatively unaffected due to backup sources of power.

Crimea has now been put in a state of emergency with the director of energy, Viktor Plakida, telling the Tass news agency that the peninsula was ‘completely cut off.’

Crimean Tatars, who oppose Russian rule on the peninsula, held a protest around the ruins of the power lines, according to reports. Additionally, there are reports that Ukrainian flags were being flown over the ruins of the power lines.

Ukraine’s state energy company, Ukrenergo, confirmed that the lines were brought down by explosive devices.

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