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60,000 Greek Companies Apply to Relocate to Bulgaria

Amidst the crisis in Greece, it has emerged that 60,000 Greek companies have submitted applications to relocate to Bulgaria. 

The number was announced by the President of The National Confederation of Greek Commerce, Vasilis Korkidis. It allegedly only covers dates from 28th June this year when capital controls were implemented.

He also stated that the Greek government has been unable to control the negative consequences of the capital controls.

In Greece, the Syriza party has rejected the claims. Party spokesperson, Nikos Filis questioned what Korkidis’s intentions were.

Bulgaria already has anywhere between 11,000 to 14,000 Greek companies registered in the country. The firms are registered primarily in Sofia and Blagoevgrad.

Doing business in Greece has been made extremely difficult since capital controls were implemented, primarily but not exclusively due to bank closures. Despite banks opening on Monday, many of the capital controls will remain in place indefinitely.

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