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Google Establish ‘Google Lithuania’

Technology giant Google, has set up an entity in Lithuania named ‘Google Lithuania’. This follows an initial announcement of entry to the country at The World Economic Forum in Davis in January 2015.

Registered on the 12th March 2015, its finance director is Graham Lo and has been set up with investment capital of €100,000.

The number of employees Google is planning to hire in Lithuania is currently unknown, but Graham Lo explained in a newsletter that the initial number will not be large.

He stated that the start-up community in the Baltic States attracted Google to the region, and they hope to work with some of them in the near future.

The location for their office in Lithuania is also unknown. However, New Europe Investor reported in January when Google’s entry to Lithuania first became apparent that the office would be located in Vilnius.

Google Lithuania


Google’s plans to enter Lithuania precede their announcement at The World Economic Forum.

In 2008 they considered building a data centre in the country, but choose Finland at the last minute instead.

Lithuania’s neighbour, Poland, has three Google offices. One in Warsaw, Krakow and Wroclaw.

Around half of Google’s 100 worldwide offices are in Europe. Globally the company currently employs well over 50,000 people.

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